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Wandering Vultures

Marrakesh African Open Full Results
MERLIN won the Bronze contest, scoring +32 overall
AXUS won the Final, scoring +63 overall
RINER won the Final, scoring +84 overall
SLIMANI lost the Bronze contest, scoring -6 overall
Event Rank
MAR Marrakesh African Open 30th of 32
BIH East Sarajevo Pale European Cup 28th of 28
UAE Abu Dhabi World Championships 51st of 52
KAZ Qazaqstan Barysy Grand Slam 38th of 41
CHI Santiago Panamerican Open 34th of 35
TJK Dushanbe Grand Slam 36th of 44
EGY African Championships Individuals 27th of 34
HKG Asian Championships Individuals 36th of 37
CRO Dubrovnik European Cup 32nd of 32
ANG Luanda African Open 24th of 27
CUB Varadero Panamerican Open 34th of 34
TUR Antalya Grand Slam 33rd of 45
GEO Tbilisi Grand Slam 34th of 44
LAT Riga European Cup 32nd of 38
AUT Grand Prix Upper Austria 42nd of 47
AZE Baku Grand Slam 30th of 49
HUN Gyor European Open 40th of 41
FRA Paris Grand Slam 54th of 55
POR Grand Prix Portugal 42nd of 42
KOS European Championships Open 32nd of 32
CMR Yaoundé African Open 29th of 29
AUS Perth Oceania Open 26th of 35
FRA European Championships Individuals 35th of 45
CHI Panamerican Games 33rd of 34
UAE Abu Dhabi Grand Slam 35th of 45
ESP Málaga European Cup 31st of 31
KAZ Aktau Asian Open 30th of 31
CZE Prague European Open 34th of 35
AZE Heydar Aliyev Baku Grand Slam 40th of 42
CAN Panamerican- Oceania Championships Individuals 27th of 33
POR Gaia European Cup 35th of 36
CRO Zagreb Grand Prix 39th of 49
HUN Hungary Masters 58th of 59