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Lucky Warriors

Zagreb Grand Prix Full Results
UROZBOEV lost in Round 3, scoring +12 overall
CHOUCHI lost in Round 2, scoring -3 overall
TRIPPEL lost the Bronze contest, scoring +42 overall
KANERVA lost in Round 3, scoring +15 overall
MUNKHBAT lost in Round 1, scoring 0 overall
RADIC lost in Round 2, scoring 0 overall
Event Rank
CRO Zagreb Grand Prix 51st of 54
KAZ Aktau Asian Open 14th of 50
HUN Budapest Grand Prix 29th of 54
BLR European Games Minsk 15th of 46
ECU Quito Panamerican Open 16th of 31
ROU Cluj-Napoca European Open 10th of 39
SLO Celje European Cup 10th of 34
CHN Hohhot Grand Prix 45th of 45
RUS Orenburg European Cup 1st of 38
AZE Baku Grand Slam 9th of 45
BIH Sarajevo European Cup 3rd of 34
RSA African Championships 34th of 35
PER Panamerican Championships 14th of 34
CRO Dubrovnik European Cup 24th of 41
TUR Antalya Grand Prix 41st of 58
GEO Tbilisi Grand Prix 38th of 54
CHI Santiago Panamerican Open 37th of 44
ARG Córdoba Panamerican Open 27th of 36
RUS Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 27th of 43
PER Lima Panamerican Open 12th of 37
SUI Uster European Cup 23rd of 36
MAR Marrakesh Grand Prix 27th of 44