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Defiant Rabbits

Dushanbe Grand Prix Full Results
ABDULAEV won the Final, scoring +67 overall
AHADOV lost in Round 3, scoring +15 overall
GAMBA lost the Bronze contest, scoring +18 overall
TASSIER lost in Round 2, scoring 0 overall
STANGAR won the Final, scoring +54 overall
STANGAR lost in Round 1, scoring -3 overall
CAPANNI DIAS lost the Final, scoring +40 overall
PADILLA GUERRERO lost the Final, scoring +30 overall
PINOT won the Final, scoring +42 overall
WAGNER lost the Final, scoring +42 overall
STARTSEVA lost in Round 1, scoring -3 overall
Event Rank
TJK Dushanbe Grand Prix 23rd of 50
AUT Grand Prix Upper Austria 31st of 52
QAT World Judo Championships - Doha 36th of 98
CRO Dubrovnik European Cup 24th of 38
TUR Antalya Grand Slam 9th of 59
GEO Tbilisi Grand Slam 35th of 59
LAT Riga European Cup 47th of 47
ITA Rome European Open 35th of 56
UZB Tashkent Grand Slam 34th of 62
POL Warsaw European Open 49th of 54
ISR Tel Aviv Grand Slam 18th of 70
BUL Sofia European Open 24th of 62
FRA Paris Grand Slam 38th of 67
POR Grand Prix Portugal 49th of 53
ISR Jerusalem Masters 31st of 63
JPN Tokyo Grand Slam 43rd of 62
AZE Baku Grand Slam 28th of 70
UAE Abu Dhabi Grand Slam 2nd of 66
ESP Málaga European Cup 5th of 56
UZB Tashkent World Championships 44th of 96
SLO Celje European Cup 12th of 55
PER Lima Panamerican Open 39th of 41
ITA Riccione European Open 24th of 55
AUT Oberwart European Open 21st of 43
POR Coimbra European Cup 4th of 49
KAZ Aktau Asian Open 53rd of 53
LAT Riga European Cup 37th of 47
SUI Winterthur European Cup 16th of 63
CRO Zagreb Grand Prix 26th of 75
HUN Grand Slam Hungary 23rd of 73
ROU Cluj-Napoca European Open 17th of 64
MGL Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam 37th of 77
ESP Madrid European Open 16th of 64
GEO Tbilisi Grand Slam 26th of 72
ALG African Championships 4th of 49
BIH Sarajevo European Cup 4th of 69
BUL European Judo Championships Sofia 84th of 97
CRO Dubrovnik European Cup 17th of 56
PER Panamerican - Oceania Championships 37th of 55
TUR Antalya Grand Slam 36th of 79
TUN Tunis African Open 33rd of 61
CZE Prague European Open 19th of 70
POL Warsaw European Open 19th of 64
ISR Tel Aviv Grand Slam 58th of 70
BIH Sarajevo European Open 3rd of 61
FRA Paris Grand Slam 64th of 81