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Amiable Owls

Rome European Open Full Results
CASSE lost in Round 3, scoring +6 overall
FALCONE won the Final, scoring +61 overall
BORCHASHVILLI lost in Repechage, scoring +16 overall
IDDIR lost in Repechage, scoring +4 overall
BALLHAUS lost the Final, scoring +40 overall
ZUCCO lost in Round 2, scoring 0 overall
DERKS won the Bronze contest, scoring +45 overall
SEMCHENKO lost in Repechage, scoring +7 overall
Event Rank
ITA Rome European Open 47th of 56
TUN Tunis African Open 34th of 40
UZB Tashkent Grand Slam 31st of 62
POL Warsaw European Open 23rd of 54
ISR Tel Aviv Grand Slam 22nd of 70
BUL Sofia European Open 46th of 62
FRA Paris Grand Slam 36th of 67
POR Grand Prix Portugal 26th of 53