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Entry lists of World Judo Tour Event

Paris Grand Slam 2019

Most Picked
ABE Hifumi
22 teams
TAKATO Naohisa
12 teams
YEATS-BROWN Katie-Jemima
12 teams
Top Scoring
RESSEL Dominic
78 points
77 points
76 points
# Team Points
1st Mighty Dragons 417
2nd Thundering Bulls 357
3rd Wandering Bulls 352
4th Manic Squirrels 348
5th Courageous Crabs 325
6th Lucky Cats 317
7th Lethal Squirrels 279
8th Majestic Swimmers 275
9th Wild Dragons 264
10th Thundering Rabbits 261
11th Flaming Bulls 257
11th Mighty Owls 257
13th Mighty Predators 248
14th Crazy Crabs 246
15th Great Giraffes 242
16th Mighty Warriors 238
17th Majestic Devils 223
18th Fierce Cats 221
19th Lucky Bulls 217
20th Graceful Mice 207
21st Wild Stallions 199
22nd Wild Warriors 197
23rd Wild Pigs 173
24th Defiant Dragons 165
25th Crazy Squirrels 155
26th Crazy Imps 152
27th Mighty Stallions 133
28th Electric Stallions 130
29th Manic Stallions 127
30th Wandering Angels 123
31st Majestic Cows 108
32nd Great Bulls 81
33rd Mad Rabbits 57