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This page shares a little about the Fantasy Judo website, the tools we use and the people who have built it.


Fantasy Judo has been created by James Raspass and Lance Wicks.

Work colleagues, James is the technical mind responsible for a majority of the technical excellence the site strives for. Lance is a Judo coach and member of the European Judo Union and International Judo Federation IT teams so adds the Judo specific knowledge.


The site has been written in Go with a PostgreSQL database. The data and photos come directly from the International Judo Federation (IJF) data systems. The icons are from Font Awesome data systems. The icons are from Freepik.


The site is hosted on Digital Ocean , the code is stored on GitLab . The domain is register and managed on Cloudflare and James and Lance are based in the South of England in the UK.


The development started in December 2018, first release was to a test group of users on January 1st 2019. The first event was the Tel Aviv Grand Prix on 24th January when the results system was used on the site for the first time.


Within the Judo community at least three versions of a Fantasy Judo system had existed but died; with the last being run in 2017 and the earliest being run by Mathias Fischer on There had been many discussions by Judo IT people about the idea of a Fantasy Judo project over many years but it had never bubbled to the top of peoples TODO lists. In December 2018 James and Lance spoke about the idea over beers afterwork and decided that it would be a fun side project to work on and set to work. James previously had experience with Go for the web via his successful Code Golf website so Go was decided upon as the language for the site with James building vast swathes of the code while Lance provided the Judo specific knowledge.